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How To Stay Healthy On The Go

Whether you are working, being a full time parent or just always on the go, staying healthy on the go isn’t always the easiest . We have put together 5 tips for when life just takes over and staying healthy goes to the bottom of the to-do pile.

1. Prepare! Whether this means for the day ahead, for the week or whilst away on a trip, find what works for you. When out and about many of us are faced with very limited (or non existing) healthy food options. Food prepping not only saves money but is an easy way of helping you stay on track when out. Eating out of Tupperware isn’t for everyone. Stocking up on healthy snacks such as fruit or  boiled eggs for breakfast on the go can help make everything a little easier when time is pushed.

Food prep doesn’t have to be complicated,  get organised and buy a selection of foods that make it was for you to mix and match. The trick is to have a rough idea of what ingredients you want before you do your food shop, but don’t forget to be able to adjust this – if your  wild salmon is going to cost an arm and a leg swap if for mackerel or tuna.

2. There is an app for this and an app for that! Technology, you either love it or hate it but in the case of staying fit and healthy apps really can be of benefit. Whether you’re wanting to track macros and calories or keep tabs on your steps or simply get free daily work outs, there are plenty of apps out there to help. With some, for example my fitness pal you can upgrade for extra features and to remove ads, however using the free version first to make sure it’s of use to you is a great way to start.

3. Making small changes can equal big results… those one percent changes add up and over a period of time they will have a big impact. Whether this be getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking or using the stairs and not the lift, all of these changes will assist on your health journey. As these small steps start to become routine you can add more changes as you go along, for example going for a speed walk on your lunch break.

4. Do it with a friend. Changing habits and lifestyles is always easier when you’re doing it with someone. This may be a partner, friend, work colleague or even child (as remember living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a diet). Having   someone to do it with you  is a huge motivation and sound board for when you’re struggling. Food prepping may be able to be taken in turns and having someone to walk around with on your lunch break can make all the difference. However if you can’t find someone to kickstart your healthy living with, don’t let this put you off and if you find yourself in this position try looking at Instagram or Facebook groups for people trying to do make their lives healthier.

5. It’s NOT all or nothing! so the occasional treat isn’t going to stop you from being healthy and neither is a ‘slip up’. Having the mentality of all or nothing will only result in failure. Finding what works for you is key – whether that be having ‘cheat meals’ each week or being more relaxed at weekends or having a small treat each evening, finding what works for you is key. Don’t let one ‘slip up’ result in a mentality of being healthy is now f**ked and instead just let it go and carry on.

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